Majestic adventure camps in Ranikhet for school group

Ranikhet, a beautiful place located in the lap of a conical snow cap-wearing Himalaya. It is 1800 m above sea level and this perfect height is a provenance in the wide range heart taking views of this place. It is known for its breathtaking views. The climate of this place is always welcoming and you can come here in any season 

You will find this place always enchanting. The tranquility of this pace and the extraordinary nature is the wonderful creation of God, and all this is a bone to us. The dense green forest and the terrace lands, clear sky and the valleys present in this place are the key sources of the attraction of this place worldwide.

Why go Ranikhet for adventure camps for school groups: 

For adventure and camps, this place is perfect for the school group, as it will provide them with concrete experience and they will enjoy it. 

  • Here the students can visit different places and can increase their knowledge related to nature.
  • As this place is highly rich in terms of flora and fauna, this will them to concretize their abstract concepts.
  • Also, the students will be able to develop various qualities such as teamwork, peer learning, etc.

For taking students any type of adventure their safety is the prerequisite and we make sure that with us your students will be safe and we will cooperate with you to make your student’s trip memorable. We organize the activities as per the age group of the students.

Stimulating activities for school group

Here are some activities that students of different age groups can perform.

Nature Walk: The nature walk is one of the interesting activities for the students, they enjoy this a lot.  They get a chance to explore nature closely. It can be started from the well-known Chaubatia orchards to Bhalu dam an artificial lake. Here the students will easily connect with nature and also know about the tradition and culture of this place.

Golfing in the Ranikhet Golf Course: One of the well-known golf courses of Asia, maintained by the Kumaon Regiment. Here you can enjoy the best and the location of this place is mesmerizing. Here this location provides you a wide or extensive view of the beautiful valleys.

Fishing in Bhalu dam- Students can enjoy fishing here, its location is perfect. This place peaceful and also students can enjoy boating here. It is an artificial lake, which was built for quenching the thirst of the army soldiers. The location of this place is very tranquil and pleasing.

Trekking– For trekking this place is perfect, students can explore nature and the flora and fauna. Also, they will be able to know about the tradition of the place and culture also. They will be connected with the environment.

Except this incorporates some sports activities for the students and they will live the moments here. They will go from here with catchy memories.

Queen’s meadow always welcomes you.

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