Ranikhet is a stunning place that makes you feel different here. This splendid place is located in the lap of Himalaya in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is elevated at a height of 1800 m above the sea level. It is one of the well known and well-liked hill station. This place is famous for its breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

There are a famous folk tales behind the name of this place, as once there was a queen named  Padmini, she fell in love with this place and wanted a palace here, then his king named Sudhardev made a palace for her and called it as queen land and from that onwards it is known as the Ranikhet. 

Breathtaking attraction in Ranikhet

This beautiful place welcomes you with its pleasing climate, you can come here in any season you will find it pleasing. The presence of the unparalleled places is the attraction in Ranikhet.

Providential  Jhula Devi Temple 

With the entrance, you will see the number of bells tied here, and their ringing creates a piece of melodious music that pleases the ear. The temple is surrounded by trees and the height of this place provides an aesthetic view of the Nanda Devi hills.

Pacific Chaubatia Orchard

This place is located 10 km from the town of Ranikhet.  It is named Chabutia because its location is the intersection of four places: Bhargaon, Ranikhet, Dehrti and Pilkholi. Here you can have a perfect walk with the cedar and pine trees, blooming rhododendrons (Buras)& lilies as well as fruit-laden orchards (apples, plums, peaches, etc) 

 Heavenly Haidakhan Babaji Temple

This place is at a distance of 5km from the main bus station in Ranikhet. It is one of the famous temple named after the spiritual Guru Haidankhan baba. Nestled at the top hill this place provides a cherubic view of the valleys below and the snow cap-wearing Himalayas

Tranquilizing Majkhali 

It is a small hamlet which is 12kms away from Ranikhet. It provides the unparalleled view of the Himalayan peaks such as NANDA DEVI, TRISHUL & NILKANTH. Best place for relaxing the mind.

All these places are the  Idyllic attraction in Ranikhet and they have contributed to the worldwide familiarity of this hill station. To connect with nature and its latent beauty you must have a trip to this heart taking hill station.

Moreover, this place is best for adventure camping, nature walk and paragliding any more. With this one can enjoy the vacation beautifully. Furthermore, this place is best for bird watching also. As being present Uttarakhand where a huge part of the birds of India are found this place is also blessed with the number of birds. Moreover, this place has the perfect location from where you can also enjoy the other tourist places in Uttarakhand. So make this vacation memorable by coming to Queen’s Meadow.

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