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Tour Packages in Ranikhet. Words are not adequate to define the beauty of Ranikhet, also well known as the “queen’s land”. This place is one of the iconic hill stations in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. And it is located in the Almora District of  Uttarakhand. This place has a magnificent height and as elevated at a height of 1800 meters above sea level. 

There is interesting folklore behind the name of this place.  As the word, Ranikhet is the combination of the two words Rani and Khet. Rani stands for Queen, and Khet stands for land. Once there was a queen named “Padmini”, she fell in love with this place and she wanted a palace here. Then his king named Sudherdev built a palace for her and named this place as  Ranikhet. Which means the queen’s land or meadow. Now known worldwide as Ranikhet.

tour packages in ranikhet
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It’s the best place for people who want to build a strong connection with nature, and have a  remarkable experience here. The eye-catching scenery, the snow-covered mountain, greenery, diverse flora and fauna,  spiritual places, historical places, lakes, and gardens are the means of ensuring the attraction in this place.

Here explore nature and rejuvenate your self. If you want to take a break from your busy schedule then come to this place. Moreover, this place will help you to give time to your self. In addition, this place is blessed with splendid nature and this gives you positive vibes. So what you are waiting for? Give your self some time in the lap of nature.

Live some days with thought-provoking tour packages in Ranikhet

We offer you complete tour packages that will make your trip mesmerizing and refreshing. Our priority is your comfort and enjoyment. This tour package will provide you to connect with nature, grasp the blessing of God, exploring the unexplored beauty of this place, come closure to the birds, enjoy a nature walk, it’s a combo package of the enjoyment, adventure sports, exploration, and engagement.

  • Delight in the golfing in the Golf course in Ranikhet, it is one of the largest golf courses in Asia. It is at a distance of 30 km from the main town. Provides a perfect view of the place, where you and feel so relaxed
  • Explore the beauty by nature walk, it is one of the best ways to connect with nature in a real way. It provides you a concrete experience which also helps you in the enhancement of your knowledge. 
  •  Get Pleased with the tranquility of Chaubatia garden, It is at a distance of  12 km from the Ranikhet, you will find greenery, and tranquility here. Also, this place provides a splendid view of the Trishul, Neelkanth peaks.
  • Know birds from the real touch,  as this place is highly rich in terms of flora and fauna. So here you will find diverse species of birds and you can enjoy the bird watching. Here are the various places where you can enjoy bird watching, as well known Chaubatia garden, rani jheel.

Here you will have an amazing experience that you never had before, you will be enchanted by the uniqueness of this place. Once you come here you will have a soft spot for this place.

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