Rejuvenate with the tour packages in Ranikhet.

 In today’s world, everyone is having a busy schedule and no one has time for themselves. So to rejuvenate yourself “Ranikhet” is the best place for this. Ranikhet is also known as the “queen’s meadow”. This aesthetic place is a well-liked hill station located in the Almora district and elevated at a height of approx 1800 m above sea level.

The perfect height of this place is one of the prominent reasons behind the heart taking beauty of the land. The terrace lands, tranquility, panoramic view of the mountains and peaks, dense forest, and the pleasing climate throughout the year give prominence to the tourist attraction in Ranikhet.

 Best place for the people who are fond of nature and also for those who want to connect with nature. Here you will feel so much connected to the beauty of this place enchants you. Here you will have a break from the busy schedule and you will have time for yourself, the pure air is waiting for you and the peaceful environment also.

With our finest tour packages, you will not only get a chance to experience the majestic view of this place but also you will come to know about the unique tradition and culture of this place. Your trip to this place is going to make indelible memories. Once you come here you will have strong connections with this place.

What to do here?

Start your journey by grasping the blessing of one of the well-known Jhula Devi temples, which has an extraordinary location, provides relaxation to your mind. You can have a spectacular view of the Nanda Devi Hills.

Then you can go for a nature walk, here you can explore nature and learn about the specific flora and fauna found here. 

 Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum is one of the most famous museums, it was built in 1978,  with the objective of preservation and the exhibiting legacy and customs of the Kumaon Region. This place is the symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers for this place.

Also, you can enjoy the beautiful garden known as the Chaubatia Garden, famous for its apple, peach. Here you can also buy the pure juice of the fruits. This garden location is perfect as from here you also go to the well-known golf course and then also the artificial lake called the Bhalu dam. Also, you can enjoy boating here in the Rani jheel, which is surrounded by high trees.

All these places are going to be perfect for your trip, you will be highly surprised after having a trip to Ranikhet, we make sure that you will enjoy the best here. So what you are thinking about?

Just pack up your bags and come here. ”You are always welcome in QUEEN’S MEADOW.”


This vacation enjoy the real and the enchanting beauty of the Ranikhet with Bay Berry

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